January 28

Artist Studio Tour: Tomory Dodge, Daniel Commings, Amir Zaki  
  February 18

Pop Art Tour: Skirball Cultural Center, The People: Roy Lichtenstein in LA

  March 18 Mohn & Mclver Collections + Koblitz Studio
  April 1 - 3 Palm Springs + Desert X + Palm Springs Museum  
  April 1 Prosecco and Antipasto: CSULB Ceramics and Kiln-Fired Pizza
  May 6 Going Downtown: Visit MOCA, Kerry James Marshall. Mixographia workshop  
  June 20 - 28 A Week in Germany - Documenta: Dusseldorf, Cologne, Sculoture Project Munster  
  September 24 Fellowship Award : Mona Kuhn  
  September 28 Institute of Contemporary Art & Marciano Foundation Museum  
  November 1 Getty and Hammer Museums  
  November 16 The Rand Corporation Contemporary Art Collection  
  December 15 The Buck Collection: Laguna Beach  
  Last years calendar  

*details to be announced  





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